WBBA offers up to two $1,000 grants each year, one for research and the other for
monitoring, for individuals and/or organizations engaged in projects in the New World using marked birds. The research grant should help test a hypothesis, while the monitoring grant is intended to help individuals or institutions establish or continue monitoring programs that investigate changes in bird populations. Students (including undergraduates) and organizational interns are encouraged to apply.

Grant awardees will be asked to submit results of their grant projects for publication in future issues of North American Bird Bander as well as present results at future WBBA annual meetings.

Applicants for these grants should submit a project proposal and two letters of reference attesting to the qualifications of the applicant. Proposals must include a description of the research or monitoring program that includes objectives, methods, and a budget detailing how requested funds will be used. Applicants may increase their chances by having smaller project budgets or detailing the use of requested funds for larger projects. The proposal constitutes the application and should be limited to no more than three typed pages, including full contact information. No additional forms are required; no information packets are available from WBBA.

Proposal and letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically
by August 1 to Geoffrey Geupel ggeupel@pointblue.org
                AND Wade Leitner wleitner@birdsci.com

NB: The addresses are not "clickable." Please copy and paste into an e-mail client. Include "WBBA Awards" in the subject line.

Geoffrey Geupel, WBBA Awards
Point Blue Conservation Science (formerly PRBO)
Palomarin Field Station
PO Box 1157
Bolinas CA 94924 USA

Successful applicants will be notified at the end of August and funds will be available from the treasurer soon after.

List of recent WBBA grant recipients


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