Members of the Board



President: currently vacant

Vice-President: C.J. Ralph -

CJ Ralph is a Research Wildlife Ecologist Emeritus at the USDA Forest
Service’s Redwood Sciences Laboratory, & a Faculty Associate in Biological Sciences at Cal Poly Humboldt. CJ co-founded the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, the Costa Rica Bird Observatories, and, more recently, helped start the Klamath Bird Observatory. CJ began his career studying bird migration & orientation, as well as the behavioral ecology of endangered forest birds in Hawaii. His more recent research endeavors have been with the RSL's landbird monitoring program, along with study of the enigmatic Marbled Murrelet, an endangered seabird that nests in old growth forest. CJ has also been conducting research on an island off New Zealand involving the monitoring and reintroduction of native birds.

CJ Birdwatching 2012-04 039 Humboldt-CA-USA (4).JPG

Treasurer: currently vacant


​Membership Coordinator: Danielle Kaschube -

Dani works as the MAPS Coordinator for The Institute for Bird Populations, and most of her banding these days is while teaching new students at training classes. But, she also loves days when she can just run nets & band on someone else's project. Dani has been involved with WBBA for many years as the membership coordinator. She loves putting faces to the names at the annual meetings and getting to hear about all the cool projects that everyone is involved in. Even if she hasn't ever met you in person, she loves to get your registrations & renewals, knowing that you too are a person that loves birds and is working to make the world better for them!


Secretary: Eva Gruber -


Eva has had a lifelong passion for wildlife, ecology, & conservation.
She is driven to explore & study the endlessly wonder-full biodiversity
of our planet - having a special affinity for birds. She has spent many a
season as a field tech/biologist on a variety of projects - mostly avian
but also lizards and fish. Eva has been hoping to return to school for
graduate studies for a few years, and has been keeping an eye out for
the right opportunity. But somehow, the field keeps calling her back...
and so she is spending this 2022 season working for the Fish & Wildlife
Service on St. George Island, AK, a seabird haven in the Bering Sea. You
can follow her on Instagram @biohemian!


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Chrissy Kondrat -

Chrissy is an active member in the Arizona ornithological community. She is a board member of the Western Bird Banding Association, Arizona Field Ornithologists and recording secretary with the AZ Wildlife Society Chapter.  As a biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, she is responsible for the issuance of research permits for the state's wildlife; assists with the facilitation of many Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative monitoring projects; and is involved with management of a new banding station on the Hassayampa River, the MOTUS AZ network and species specific projects (such as with Bendire's and Le Conte's Thrashers). She also enjoys being involved with a number of citizen science projects.

Steven Albert -

Steven Albert is the Assistant Director for Demographic Monitoring Programs at the Institute for Bird Populations, where he is leading IBP’s efforts to expand the MAPS and MoSI banding and monitoring networks across North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. One of his primary interests is exploring how research, management,
and policy can work together to protect migratory birds through their full annual cycle. Steve splits his time between IBP’s headquarters in Petaluma, CA and his home office in New Mexico.

Albert-Photo for WBBA.JPG

Adam Hannuksela -

Adam Hannuksela has worked throughout Sonora, Sinaloa, and the American West on a multitude of conservation projects. He is the Science Coordinator for the Sonoran Joint Venture, where he devotes his time to conserving the unique birds & habitats of the southwestern United States & northwestern Mexico. Adam helped establish and operate the Navopatia Field Station in Mexico., as well as one of the longest-operating ecological monitoring programs in Sonora. He has banded passerines extensively throughout the western U.S. and western Mexico. Adam enjoys all Mexican food, arid lands, and cold beverages on warm days.

Holly Garrod -

Holly is the most recent former President of the WBBA. She has held avian research jobs and banded a multitude of birds across North, Central, & South America. She is a Master Bander as well as a Banding Instructor, and helps run multiple trainings every year. Holly's Masters research led her to the Hispaniolan todies of the Dominican Republic, after which she led banding & bird monitoring research programs in Ecuador and Costa Rica. She believes strongly in educational outreach - particularly involving local communities - in order to inspire stewardship. She is currently leading a banding program out of Montana and continuing ongoing research on Caribbean birds - among other ornithological endeavors - most of which she shares on her personal Instagram @orn.ecology!


Walter H. Sakai -

Walt's work passing the art & science of bird banding to younger generations has centered on the philosophy that "the best way to learn something is to teach it." Through teaching countless students as well as his own research, Walt has become one of the preeminent American bird banders. He is a federally permitted Master Bird Bander who has been banding (and teaching) in southern California since 1995. Walt is a Professor Emeritus of Biology at Santa Monica College, as well as a Research Associate at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology and at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Walt spearheaded development of the Tabular Pyle Guide. At WBBA, Walt's main role is as the Western Section Editor for the joint quarterly journal, North American Bird Bander.

Judith Toms -

Judith is a field ecologist and an applied statistician that has worked with (mostly) birds since 2001. Her research is varied but the common thread running through them is trying to understand how birds cope with natural & anthropogenic changes in their environment. Judith is the former Executive Director of the Rocky Point Bird Observatory. Since 2016, she has worked for the Canadian Wildlife Service, leading the landbird monitoring program in an effort to mitigate the impacts of oil sands exploration & development. Her personal side projects include co-leading the Guánica Avian Monitoring Project, and as Contributing Scientist to the Boreal Avian Modelling Project. She has recently been appointed Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta.


Allison Nelson -

Allison is the founder and director of Gold Country Avian Studies' a fledgling nonprofit focused on bird research, education, and conservation. Out of GCAS, Allison studies the dynamics of the bird populations around the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

>> Pablo (Chespi) Elizondo -

Pablo, or as his friends call him, "Chespi", co-founded and operates the Costa Rica Bird Observatories.

>> Genevieve Day -


>> Tricia Campbell -