DAVIS, CALIFORNIA - September 14 - 17, 2022


















Also featured is a full schedule of keynote speakers
and scientific talks given by ornithologists, ecologists, students, and banders on current topics and recent innovations. Special awards will be given for student presentations.

Within the coming weeks, we will be inviting abstract submissions for oral presentations, workshops, and posters. While banding birds constitutes much of what we do, the WBBA and its members encompass much more within ornithology, and ever year we showcase this fact at our annual meetings.

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Join us at our first in person meeting in far too long! This year's Annual Meeting will be held at the beautiful Putah Creek Lodge on the campus of
the University of California, Davis. The lodge is located amidst riparian & oak forests - an especially birdy setting, during an especially birdy time. Mid-September is the height of the migration season in California’s Central Valley, with nearby wildlife refuges and migration “hot spots” featuring special birds such as the Yellow-billed Magpie, Lewis’s Woodpecker, and myriad species of waterfowl and shorebirds. The nearby Sacramento Airport is an active hub with about 10 airlines & many daily flights coming in from around the country.  


We will have active workshops featuring the latest & greatest gear and techniques in field ornithology and banding, such as hummingbird banding, nanotags, Autonomous Recording Units, remote cameras, raptor traps, molt techniques,  museum collections specimen preparation, and feather sampling. There will be an in-depth, hands-on specimen examination and behind-the-scenes tour at the campus Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology.


We are excited to return to in-person meetings for another reason: to afford WBBA members a selection of tailored, private field trips to nearby active bird monitoring operations - which present exceptional birding opportunities for migrating passerines and waterfowl!

Within 10-15 minutes of the lodge are many hotels, bed & breakfasts to choose from for accomodation - along with a campsite. We advise attendees to make reservations as early as possible, as students will be returning/moving in to school that same week - meaning their parents are likely to book many of the same lodging spaces convenient to the WBBA meeting.

Local and Program Committees — Steve Albert (IBP), Jennifer C. Brown (USFWS), Andrew Engilis (UC Davis), Danielle Kaschube (IBP), Lisa Tell (UC Davis), and C.J. Ralph (KBO, HBBO).

Proposed Schedule for WBBA Annual Meeting at Davis, California

September 14-17, 2022


Day 1 September 14 (Wednesday)  – Museum on campus

1 pm.  Arrival and check in  

5-6 pm.  Registration, tour, and social

7 pm  Dinner BBQ

Day 2  September 15 (Thursday) -- Putah Creek Lodge

7 a.m. Morning Field Trip

9 a.m. registration, set up of workshops

10:30  scientific talks

12 lunch

1-4 pm workshops and scientific talks

1-4 pm Board Meeting

5  pm Social and dinner

7  pm  Invited Speaker and social around campfire

Day 3  September 16 (Friday) – Putah Creek Lodge

7 a.m. Field trip breakfast

9 am – 12.  Scientific Session

12 lunch

1-4  Scientific session.

5-6  Poster session, silent auction,  and social

6-7  dinner

7-9 Evening program 

Day 4  September 17 (Saturday)– Field Day

Field trips and breakfast – at a riparian reserve

NABC certification possible at banding station  

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For more information and to get on the meeting's mailing list, contact Danielle Kaschube at dkaschube@birdpop.org